Today, FEUGRES' members come from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy and Switzerland. In Brussels, the association is represented by CERAME-UNIE, the European Ceramic Industry Association. FEUGRES’ membership of CERAME-UNIE ensures that it always has first-hand knowledge of current European Commission decisions.



CERAME-UNIE acts as an umbrella organisation, uniting direct and associated members in 25 EU member countries. It furthers the interests of more than 2,000 large, medium-sized and small companies from nine sectors of the ceramic industry; these are mostly organised in national professional associations:

  • — TBE: Tiles and Bricks of Europe
  • — CET: European Ceramic Tile Manufacturers Federation
  • — FEPF: European Federation for Table- and Ornamental ware
  • — FECS: European Sanitaryware Producers Federation
  • — PRE: European Refractories Producers Federation
  • — EUTECER: European Technical Ceramics Federation
  • — FEUGRES: European Federation of Clay Pipe Producers
  • — FEPA: Federation of European Producers of Abrasives
  • — EEA: European Enamel Authority (associate member)

CERAME-UNIE campaigns for "a constructive dialogue with the EU institutions, international partners and stakeholders of social and environmental interests". Its objective is "to pass on knowledge in the fields of building, industrial applications, standards, trade, raw materials, climate change, energy, environment and health and safety.

A glance into the distant future

To coincide with its 50th anniversary, CERAME-UNIE presented its "Roadmap 2050" at the 13th Ceramics Forum of the European Parliament in Brussels. This roadmap is the contribution of the European Ceramics industry to Europe’s debate as to how we ensure that the EU has an intelligent, competitive and resource-efficient future.


Download – Roadmap