FEUGRES is the Brussels-based European Association of the Clay Pipe Industry. Its primary role is to promote the material "vitrified clay" in sewage technology and the consequent public relations work. Throughout Europe, FEUGRES has dialogue with planners, users and decision makers within public clients and aims to convince them of the vast potential of vitrified clay pipes. Expanding the use of vitrified clay pipes in sewage construction is the principal objective of FEUGRES.



Enhancing transparency

It is important for the pan-European market that we achieve membership of as many vitrified clay manufacturers as possible within FEUGRES. By doing so, we can achieve a detailed analysis of the European waste water market, create more market transparency and promote the international exchange of information. The goal: to collate international experience in addressing- and finding solutions to- diverse challenges in the field of waste water disposal, to the equal benefit of all members.

The long and winding road

In promoting the use of more vitrified clay pipes in Europe, FEUGRES does not travel the easy road but the right road. It is not always easy to explain why thinking on a long-term and sustainable basis not only saves costs but also substantially contributes to ecological and social interests. FEUGRES makes an effort to promote future-compliant products made of vitrified clay. The reason is simple: there is nothing better.

Solutions for a better tomorrow

One EU guideline says: 'Ecology takes priority over economics in public tenders'*. Vitrified clay pipes perfectly unite both aspects: not only are they environmentally friendly but also the most economic solution for sewage systems in the long run.


In promoting the use of vitrified clay, FEUGRES contributes to an ecologically intact future with generational equity whilst sustainably protecting the soil as one of our key bases of life. With particularly dense and eco-friendly pipes – naturally made of vitrified clay.


* From: „Buying Green!“ A handbook on environmental public procurement, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg: 2004.