FEUGRES e.V. is the Brussels-based European Clay Pipe Association.

Its primary role is to promote the material „vitrified clay“ in sewage technology and the consequent public relations work. Throughout Europe, FEUGRES e.V. has dialogue with planners, users and decision makers within public clients and aims to convince them of the vast potential of vitrified clay pipes. Expanding the use of vitrified clay pipes in sewage construction is the principal objective of FEUGRES e.V.


The conservation of natural resources such as water, soil and air is crucial for our health and quality of life - today and in the future. We pursue this goal unconditionally with our products and their manufacture over the entire life cycle. The special durability and long-lasting properties of our vitrified clay products make a significant contribution to this. The resources for their production are clay and/or fireclay (recycled material from ceramic production) and water.

Circular economy

A particular advantage of vitrified clay components is the unrestricted reuse of this material without any reduction or loss of product quality. This is done according to plan with the reuse of broken material from pipe production and the use of ceramic materials from other production areas. For us, the recycling economy is always inseparable from resource and energy efficiency for components with a particularly longlasting service life.

Energy efficiency

Our contribution to the topic of energy and the associated influences on the environment are always related to the use of building products for the generation-spanning construction and operation of sewer systems.  

In production, the responsible use of primary energy has the highest priority for us. Our energy sources are biogas, natural gas and electricity.

Sustainable solutions made of vitrified clay pipes

Vitrified clay pipes remain particularly eco-friendly, being made of the same natural raw materials as ever: clay, fireclay and water. In our part of the world, clay resources are almost unlimited (just like water); processing comprises a low-emission operation which takes place near the deposits using relatively little energy (primarily natural gas).
Pipes and fittings made of vitrified clay meet the high requirements of sewage systems – they are economic, ecological and socially compatible:


long service life; low maintenance and repair costs; low-cost maintenance of fixed assets


resistant to all substances found in waste water and soil, even pollutants from waste water cannot escape into the environment; high resistance to ageing and corrosion; high hardness and density; almost completely recyclable to return to the production process as fireclay

Socially compatible:

can be exchanged over many decades after use; resource-saving; useful life more than 100 years