Three pillars for safe wastewater disposal

The „three-pillar model of sustainable development“ states that sustainable development can only be achieved through the simultaneous and equal implementation of environmental, economical and social goals. Sustainable economic development therefore means that we must ensure that the following generations are left with an intact ecological, social and economical structure. … read more


Vitrified clay pipes – what else?!

With regard to a sustainable sewer system, the choice of the right pipe material is of the utmost importance. Its quality, origin, excellence and composition have a major influence on whether a sewer system is economically, ecologically and socially compatible.

For vitrified clay as a material, this is without question a very clear matter. The criteria for economical, environmentally friendly and socially compatible sewer systems are already fulfilled with the extraction of the raw materials, the transport of the raw materials, the pipe production in the factory, … read more